Outward Bound Australia Talk

Sarah Johnston, Client & Sales Manager WA, Outward Bound Australia, attended our meeting 4/7/2014 to tell us a little bit more about their business.

Outward Bound Western Australia is based in Perth and has a site in Walpole as well as several dotted around the East Coast. They are an independent not-for-profit educational organisation, to challenge people to stretch their abilities and find their inner strengths. They also run professional customised programs to build stronger teams, create long-lasting leaders, build self-awareness and have increased staff retention.

Programs offered are to suit clientele but their main focus is on teenagers and work closely with several local Bunbury schools to run courses in Walpole for students.

Other programs offered:

  • Preparing Youth for Life: 12 days in Walpole for teens.
  • Building Stronger Families: Aimed at teens and parents to attend together.
  • Catalyst: WA Leadership Redevelopment. Develop practical skills for leadership and foster stronger team connections.

Sarah can be contacted on (08) 9322 1277 or via Email

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