Gravity Bunbury Presents

Today’s Business Club meeting hosted Juliette Davies as our guest speaker from ‘Gravity‘. The meeting was well attended and members exchanged normal acknowledgements of member support and referrals while President Kevin Sallis encouraged us to think of what we were grateful for. There were a range of responses to this from personal health to the support and encouragement of BBC members.

Juliette’s presentation commenced with able technical assistance from Chris Sylvester of Brandicoot and everyone was subsequently amazed at her video presentation. Some current and new members were aware of how much community support Juliette and partner Todd Grigo from ERG Electrics provide but we were all mightily impressed at their Dalyellup premises ‘Gravity‘.

It’s great to see dedicated local people come up with an idea for a facility that really engages with young people. It was noticeably quiet in the room as Juliette played her video and saw the engagement that so many young people have with their amazing and fully accredited trampoline complex. This was not to mention older participants who regularly attend for the health benefits and the hosting they do for business group functions, parties and other celebrations on site. All members wish them the best and hope that their battle to get decent signage support from Capel Shire is a win for them soon.  BBC certainly stands behind them in this and with 50,000 visitors, many from outside the greater Bunbury area they are certainly deserving of recognition.

Another successful meeting was concluded with a reminder that the BBC Christmas function will be held at Corners on the Bay on the 14th December.

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