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About Enable WA

Empowering People Through Opportunity

Since 1991, Enable WA has been providing support to individuals and their families in their home and in the community.

What we do

They ensure our clients are involved in a variety of daily experiences which are characterised by:

  • Sharing places: by sharing the ordinary places of community life at the same time and in the same way as others.
  • Belonging: helping them develop a wide, diverse range of relationships with people.
  • Having a valued role: being respected by others and seen as a valued person who has a positive role to play in life.
  • Choosing: making choices, big and small in all areas of life.
  • Contributing: providing the opportunity to share talents, passions, interests, ideas and opinions to others in the community.
  • Support: ensuring they get the right practical support to meet their individual needs.

We can also provide:

  • Keys for life driving program
  • 24/7 response service
  • Positive behavioural support
  • Transition planning

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Jenny Pittman




08 9792 7500