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Enable Southwest aims to assist people within our community with disabilities achieve the ordinary day to day things the rest of us can easily take for granted – “ordinary” things, they may be but the men and women at Enable Southwest have achieved extraordinary things in the process.

It was the privilege of the Bunbury Business Club to welcome Carol Radovan and Andrea Preece to this morning’s meeting and to listen intently to what these remarkable women had to say about Enable Southwest and the work this organisation has achieved in helping so many men and women carry out ordinary lives.

The difference made by the Enable team in the lives of those they seek to help was clear when a video of a moving collection of interviews was played to the group. It was clear from the comments of those interviewed that Enable is not simply a mechanical, administrative organisation but rather one that has a real, practical and often emotional impact on the lives of many.  “Loving”, “smiling” and “caring” were just some of the words used by those interviewed to describe the team at Enable Southwest.

The Bunbury Business Club’s members were grateful to hear what Carol and Andrea had to say this morning and no doubt many will give thought to how our businesses can work along with Enable Southwest and those community members seeking “ordinary” lives.

For more information about Enable Southwest, visit their website here

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