Deputy Mayor Updates Bunbury Business Club on Local Developments

Another scintillating meeting of Bunbury’s oldest business club was held today with guest speaker – Deputy Mayor Jason Miguel holding forth. Members braved the chilly morning to attend the meeting at 6.45am in the Glass Room a Lighthouse Beach Resort.

Proceedings commenced in the usual way with the Club Toast followed by the passing round of the ‘Barrel’ where members introduced themselves, told us a little about what’s been happening in their business and thanked members for referrals etc. also depositing a gold coin or similar into the barrel for the draw following introductions.  Whilst there was some suspicion that a certain owner of a prominent plumbing company and a long-term member – whose name is withheld to save potential shame and embarrassment – was trying to sneak washers into the barrel all was resolved when said member won the barrel contents anyway!

Our travel Agent member Michelle from the Flight Centre gave as an update on early bird offerings to Europe but was unable to satisfy a couple of members who enquired about one-way trips for their respective spouses. A comment that ’Syria’ might be a potential location as a one-way destination at this time was not treated seriously though did cause some minor disruption to the serious proceedings of the meeting due to the general laughter which followed.

Deputy Mayor Jason MiguelClub President Kevin Sallis introduced Jason to the members who proceeded to inform members regarding developments in the City covering a range of areas from the Koombana Foreshore, proposed Youth Precinct, Cultural and Civic Centre and issues with the CBD etc. Plans to increase residential space in the CBD were met with approval and in general members were pleased with the effort that the City is putting in to addressing – in the longer term – the decline of the CBD. Jason was enthusiastically thanked for attending the meeting and all members felt that it was great to see positive developments occurring.

The meeting closed with short updates from committee members. All in all another great meeting which was well attended.




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