Breakfast with Tony

Today’s meeting was our final one for July. Tony Gilfuis from ‘Battery All Types’ presented a brief thumbnail of himself which took us from the shores of Antarctica to the race tracks of NSW. Tony’s story shows how ‘ordinary’ people are actually ‘extraordinary’ and we all have a story to tell. Club members regularly endorse Tony and his team for their first class service and access his business in Strickland Street for their battery requirements.

Next meeting set for Friday the 1st August is a combined meeting with ‘Network Bunbury’ with Guest Speaker Michael Worthington – we look forward to making some new business connections and good fellowship. View our website for an update on the meeting.

Bunbury Business Club’s next social event is our ‘Christmas in August’ to be held at Hackersley in the Ferguson Valley on the 30th August which we are all looking forward to. No doubt there will be a number of photographs of us carousing to entertain visitors to our website. Watch this space!


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